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Foo J,
Wedding Photographer


I love weddings! I love photography!


I'm Foo J, a typical Singaporean living in the north-east part of the island. Hope you have enjoyed viewing my work so far. I started photographing weddings in year 2000, using those vintage film cameras back then. However I have since moved on to the more advanced digital cameras. I chose to photograph weddings because I enjoy doing people photography. Clients often ask me what is my style towards wedding photography? Well, my style contain the mixture of Classic, Artistic, Lifestyle and Journalistic. Style is very subjective nowadays, the current wedding trend in concept has blurred the lines. Many wedding photographers are capable in delivering all in one concept in term of style. Outcome of the pictures or so call style has been redefined after post-pocessing to a large extend. I preferred to photograph weddings from documentary approach, encapsulating the romance, details and joyous moments. 


I am a active member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association | WPJA, Wedding Photography Association | WPPI and International

Association Of Wedding And Event Professionals |


Feel free to contact me if you are interested to find out more on my photography services. Thanks for viewing!

Foo J

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